Toyota FT-SE Concept- 2-23 Japan Mobility Show
Move Over Lotus Evora, Hello Toyota Electric / PHEV MR2?

At the Japan Mobility Show, a.k.a. the Japan Electric Vehicle Show, Toyota revealed what might be the clandestine star of the event—an electric sports coupe concept, albeit not carrying the renowned MR2 nameplate. For those unfamiliar, the Toyota MR2 is a mid-engine compact sports coupe designed for the masses and propelled by a diminutive inline 4-cylinder engine.

The MR2, produced in Japan and marketed globally by Toyota from 1984 until 2007 across three generations, met its demise, fading into the footnotes of automotive history due to declining sales. Now, it has been resurrected as an EV sports coupe concept known as the Toyota FT-SE.

The Toyota FT-SE is everything that Toyota typically isn’t—exciting to behold. Although technical details were not disclosed, you can be certain it will be powered by a potent EV powertrain. The accompanying video provides a glimpse of the interior, showcasing a super-simple dashboard layout, precisely what one desires in a sports coupe—no distractions, just maximum focus.

Will Toyota ever produce this Lotus Evora-influenced EV sports coupe? Unlikely. Toyota tends to shy away from anything too exhilarating, preferring to manufacture sedentary cars to maximize profits. Toyota’s outward dedication to electric cars is gaining momentum, yet behind closed doors, senior corporate executives remain unconvinced. The FT-SE Concept is merely a showcase piece.

Toyota FT-SE Concept- 2-23 Japan Mobility Show
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