Polestar Precept Concept
Polestar Precept Concept Envisions A Flax Based Future… Probably
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This is the Precept, the car with which Polestar envisions its future. It was created to showcase three key areas for the Swedish brand: sustainability, digital technology and design. The name “Precept” was chosen to emphasize the vehicle’s role in setting out Polestar’s intent as the contemporary electric performance brand. Polestar says that the Precept is “a manifesto of things to come; a declaration”. 

The Precept interior makes use of sustainable, vegan materials with high levels of recycled content. Flax-based natural composite has been used extensively to replace many virgin plastics. Composite material reduces interior component weight by 50% with an 80% reduction in plastic.

Polestar Precept Concept - The Doors - Dailycarblog.com

The seat covers are 3D-knitted from 100% recycled PET bottles in a single thread – made exactly to size with no waste or off-cuts. Recycled plastic bottles are also used for the 100% recycled headlining textile. The ECONYL carpets are woven from Nylon 6, recovered from reclaimed fishing nets.

Polestar Precept Concept - Interior - Dailycarblog.com

In terms of technology, the Precept will feature a 15-inch digital interface that can recognise the driver upon approach. Google Assistant is the Precepts chosen proprietary voice assistant and Google Maps is the chosen Sat Nav of choice. A 9-inch horizontal driver display contains vital information and is linked to eye tracking.

Precept Concept - LEDs - Dailycarblog.com

The Precept’s elegant looks designate aerodynamics to improve range and efficiencies. As an example, the front wing, integrated into the bonnet, improves air flow by reducing turbulence over the rest of the body.

Precept Concept - LIDAR - Dailycarblog.com

Air ducts behind the front wheels allow air to exit the wheelhouses and contribute to a more laminar flow around the side of the car. Air ducts in front of- and behind the rear wheels contribute to brake cooling as well as wheelhouse depressurisation.

Those 22-inch performance wheels are forged and machined, and feature aerodynamic inserts. The Precept is, at this stage, a concept. However, Polestar intends to make use of this ‘design study’ for future Polestar vehicles, starting with the Polestar 3 SUV.

Polestar Precept Concept
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