McLaren 620R -
This McLaren 570S Derivative Will Cost £250,000
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McLaren is taking a leaf out the Porsche 911 handbook of how to extract as many model derivatives from one single model. Give the said model derivative a fixed-wing, new bumpers, diffusers and crucially a new name and ker-blamo, you have an “all-new” model. The McLaren 620R uses this ascribed formula for it is a derivative of a derivative… of a derivative. The 620R is based on the Mclaren 570S GT4 which itself is based on the 570S…. which by definition is a McLaren.

The 570S GT4 was purely developed for endurance race competitions. The 620R is a road-legal iteration of the 570S GT4 endurance race car. The 620R stats read like a modern-day supercar, 612bhp / 0-62mph in 2.9 seconds / top speed, 200mph. It rides on 19-ich standard-fit Pirelli P Zero Trofeo Rs at the front, 20-inch for the rears.

The coil-over suspension is manually adjustable, uprated dampers are said to reduce weight by 6kg. Additional weight-saving measures such as the optional titanium exhaust and carbon seats reduce the overall mass to an impressive 1,282kg. Only 350 examples will ever be made.

McLaren 620R - RQ -

But this road-legal race car isn’t for racers, it’s for YouTubers and you can be sure Supercars of London and Vehicle Virgins will be gurning and grinning with delight as they blast out to death Calboys Envy Me through the Bowers & Wilkins sound. It wasn’t meant to be this way but it is what it is.

McLaren 620R -
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