Barugzai MoVlogs
MoVlogs Gets A Bad Ass Barugzai Upgrade For His Range Rover Sport

Popular car YouTube-content-creator-part-reality-show vlogger, MoVlogs is back. Well, he hasn’t been away he’s been getting his previously Pink Range Rover Sport modified by automotive specialist modifiers Barugzai. Barugzai is actually based in Bradford, England. If you are reading this in America Bradford is based in the North of England, it’s about 202 miles from the Queen’s residence in London, Buckingham Palace.

Bradford is where real men live, these real men eat real butter and drink Yorkshire Tea, which is an epic contradiction of major proportions. Local folks often say Bradford is bleak in the winter and summer. But that said, Barugzai is like a shining beacon focusing its efforts to shine a light on Bradford. By way of designing and making modified cars.

They also have a base in Dubai, where rich folks like MoVlogs can splash the cash to flash. MoVlogs gets his previously pink pre-owned Range Rover Sport modified and Barugzai does a good job.

The most difficult part of modifying a car is to get the third party designed bumpers and body kits to align. In this case, Barguzai has everything aligned to OEM spec. The panel gaps are tighter than a tightwad on a spending spree. Which is an epic contradiction.

Barugzai MoVlogs
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