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It’s Here Folks, The New Premium Overrated BMW 1 Series
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It’s here, the 2019 BMW 1 Series. I had a moment of sudden and great revelation when I drove the BMW M140i. Here was a car being salivated over by motoring journalists. Here was a car give 5-star ratings. Here was a car that had no equal. So when I drove the M140i I found it to be lacking in the qualities it was defined for. In layman’s, it was absolute gobshite, over-rated by motoring journalists who gave it a strong seal of approval for the express purposes of glad-handing BMW in order to retain favorable relationships solely for the purposes of gaining access to everything BMW. Admittedly that was a long sentence.

And now the new third-generation BMW 1 Series is here. It looks bigger and wider than the 2nd-generation and looks just as awkward. It’s available in many trim levels and specs. And yes the range-topping M135i xDrive is also available. Prices for entry-level models start at £24,430 for the 118i, deliveries start from September 2019. But we’re not a dealership and we’re not here to sell you crap. If you want more details stick your head in the sand because that’s what you do when you buy a BMW… anyway…

The all-new BMW 1 Series is powered by three-cylinder and four-cylinder engines with a choice of three diesel and two petrol engines at launch. BMW claim improvements in efficiency have resulted in higher real-world fuel economy and lower exhaust emissions. It’s the usual new generation “look at what we’ve been doing”… anyway…

The BMW 1 Series will be offered with the latest connected equipment and driver assists. You can be sure you will pay a premium for very little standard equipment and spend a premium on optional equipment. That said BMW does feel enough shame to offer a host of connected services.

These services include Emergency Call, Teleservices, Over-the-air and USB map updates, BMW App connectivity and Intelligent Voice assistants. The BMW Connected Package Plus is standard. This features Remote Services, Real-Time Traffic Information, but with the addition of Concierge Services and Apple CarPlay Preparation.

Anyway, people will always be suckered into buying a BMW 1 Series purely to be associated with the kudos a BMW badge brings. Mind you if I had a choice between a 2019 BMW 1 Series and any Hyundai I would choose a dog.

2019 BMW 1 Series dailycarblog.com
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