MKBHD reviews Apple CarPlay In A Lamborghini
MKBHD Man Review’s The Lamborghini Aventador S… Apple CarPlay Feature
Apple CarPlay in a Lamborghini? Times are a changing. Popular YouTube content creators, such as MKBHD have become royalty among advertisers, they are of their era and in many ways pioneers of the digital transformation that we are all participating in. We see the world through their eyes and their opinions and if you are MKBHD man, otherwise known as Marques BrownLee, then Lamborghini benefits from his excessively well produced YouTube videos. MKBHD man spends a day in the $500k Lamborghini Aventador S, but he doesn’t review this V12, 730bhp monster. No, he spends his time using and testing Apple CarPlay. We say he could have tried any number of cheaper alternatives but admittedly the Lambo does make a greater visual impact than the dreadful Dacia Duster.  MKBHD reviews Apple CarPlay In A Lamborghini
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