BMW Fires…… The Imagination With 2018 8 Series Coupe
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With reports of BMW’s spontaneously catching fire, in what appears to be attempts to murder innocent civilians by negligence, bad news hasn’t stopped BMW from closing off negative press coverage. BMW is fully focused on the race to develop a replacement for the 6 Series coupe. If you thought 6 Series Coupe wasn’t luxurious enough then it seems BMW have been listening to the few people who actually bought one. The 8 Series will launch in 2018 as BMW transitions to refresh it’s entire product portfolio with a particular focus on performance within the luxury segment of the automotive industry. BMW-8-Series-Coupe-Camoflague The BMW 8 Series will mark the first step into this new strategic direction and it will be based on the 7 Series platform which also spawned the very British British Rolls Royce Dawn. As is usual with these type of rumours very little is actually known about price, spec or performance but one can at least speculate that there will be no significant shift to the current generation of powerplants BMW offers. BMW-8-Series-Coupe-Grand-Lusso Spy shots have revealed the 8 Series in full camouflage regalia however rumours persist that the 8 series will be based on the 2013 Grand Lusso Coupe concept. Speculation also suggests that a v12 M8 performance version is tipped to arrive by 2019 with prices expected to start at around £130k for entry level models.  BMW-8-Series-Coupe-2018-Concept-Preview
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