Which Cars Are Most Likely to Keep You Safe?
Safety is probably not the biggest concern you have when you’re out on the road. However there’s no substitute for a safe ride. How safe a particular vehicle is should be the ultimate deciding factor for you. You may think that cars are generally all as safe as one another and that it’s only the way in which the car is being driven that determines safety out there on the road. Well, that’s good thinking, to an extent. It’s certainly better than assuming any given car is going to keep you safe regardless of how you drive it! But you should definitely appreciate the fact that some cars really are a lot safer than others. We’re going to take a quick look at some of the safest cars out there. And don’t worry: they’re going to be bestselling big names with plenty of flash to them! Check out these amazing rides that come with a serious safety boost. SEAT Ateca car-safety-dcb-seat-ateca This SUV offers you extreme protection from outside dangers. Of course, you could say that about most SUVs. People do tend to overestimate just how safe an SUV is. You’re not invincible when you’re in one. You’re still going to need to get in touch with a doctor and a car accident lawyer if you get into a crash in one of these things. But SUVs can offer an absurd amount of safety features – and the SEAT Ateca is no exception. It’s also one of the most affordable SUVs on the market. Honda Jazz car-safety-dcb-honda-jazz It’s the car with one of the best names in the business – and it’s also got one of the best reputations for safety in the business, too. It recently came second in the Which? Car of the Year Safety Awards 2016. This is a car that’s aimed primarily at families and, suitably, had fantastic results when it came to child occupant safety testing. Still, you may be wondering what actually won the Which? Car of the Year Safety Award in 2016. And the winner was… Volvo XC90 car-safety-dcb-volvo-xc90 …this beast, another SUV. This thing got a 97% safety rating in the adult occupant protection testing phase, which is extraordinarily high. Of course, we’ve already had a section about the safety of SUVs. So what else can we say? Well, in general, vehicles from Volvo have always been known for their fantastic safety ratings and features. So it shouldn’t come as a massive shock that we are featuring one of their SUVs here. Toyota Avensis Tourer car-safety-dcb-toyota-avensis Toyota is another company that has a great reputation for safe cars, as well as environmentally-friendly ones. Though their Prius is also worthy of inclusion in a list such as this, the Avensis Tourer really stands out. Its autonomous emergency braking system helps people avoid collisions that they may not be aware are impending. The Avensis Tourer is another family vehicle and one that is certainly more affordable than most. This makes it extremely attractive for families who don’t want to break the bank but also need amazing safety features to reassure them when they’re out on the road.  car-safety-dcb-xc90-action
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