Is The New Vauxhall Corsa The Sensible Supermini For You?
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The Vauxhall Corsa is one of the best-selling cars on the market, 92,000 idiot’s purchased one during the year 2015. It’s a firm favourite with Uni grads and tight wads, frequently in the top three cars sold. It’s not just because it’s affordable, either. It’s long earned a reputation for being sensible, practical and dare we say it… even good-looking. So, how does this year’s edition hold up? Are you going to be wowed or is it more of the same? Under the hood The best choice of engine, overall, is probably the 1.0-litre three-cylinder turbo petrol. It’s affordable, whilst still being an agile, fun drive and is cheap to insure. With the VXR, however, you can go as powerful as a 1.6-litre 202hp firecracker. Admittedly, as expected of most turbocharged engines, the base version isn’t the quickest to find its feet. You’re looking at 0-60 in over 15 seconds. Once it does get off onto its pace, however, it’s a lot more responsive to stopping and starting. Pros Choice is always a fine factor in a new Vauxhall Corsa. You get to choose between the 3-door or 5-door option. Whichever it is, it can reliably seat four adults and packs in just a bit more boot space than the last generation. As for the experience inside the car, the first thing you’ll notice is the quiet, thanks in part to a new sub-frame assembly and revised suspension which is designed to reduce noise and vibrations. OK so it’s not Rolls Royce silent but an improvement for sure. Vauxhall-Corsa-Interior As expected, you’re looking at a strong fuel economy of 55mpg. The 2016 Corsa also packs a nice tech upgrade in the form of the IntelliLink Infotainment system. You’re looking at a bigger screen with bigger controls and more connectivity, too. From radio to sat nav, to Apple Carplay so then the Corsa is a mini hatch for the iPhone, Pokemon playing generation. As for the driving experience……. it’s alright, most Corsa’s get stolen even by their owners and that means they end up doing donuts on run down council estates before being abandoned and then set alight. That said there are a lot of driver aids and a stability control system that offer a guiding hand, too. These days most cars offer an array of digital-electronic safety systems so it should reduce the insurance premium’s just that little bt extra. Cons Indeed, there are a few parts where the Corsa doesn’t quite hit the mark. For one, its disappointing safety score. Others are easily solved, however. For example, every other option but the base is impressively decked out. Those looking to save money will be very disappointed with scant features in the base model which  doesn’t  even get air conditioning. Those are about the only real cons. If you were going to have any major complaint, it’s that it’s not quite new enough. It’s not one of the bigger changes between generations, but then again, it doesn’t have to be. You won’t be excited by the new Corsa. You will, however, still find the same sensible, practical and affordable car as you did before. Only a bit better. Prices start at £9k for the entry level three door hatch and £12k for entry level 5 door versions.  Vauxhall-Corsa-In-Motion
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