Would You Buy A Luxury Hyundai Saloon?
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Hyundai have revealed preview renderings of it’s forthcoming Genesis G90 luxury saloon. The Genesis brand will be a separate entity in the same way Toyota uses Lexus to push its premium luxury credentials in order compete against the Audis, BMWs and Mercedes of this world. The trouble is Audi, BMW and Mercedes are so ingrained into the automotive buying sub-culture that anything less than a European premium luxury car is considered to be an inferior status symbol. That attitude is not limited to Europe, its worldwide, however Lexus sell really well in America and have out competed Audi, Mercedes and BMW for years. But the Europeans are fighting back. So where does that leave Hyundai’s luxury car aspirations? Probably within the South Korean peninsula. Hyundai’s ambitions are not dimmed by the markets in fact the G90 will be the range topping model an accolade which belonged to the Equus which is now being phased out of production. The Genesis G90 will form the basis for five more premium luxury model launches in the next five years. Hyundai-Genesis-G90-Front At a recent media briefing for the G90 concept Yang Woong-Chul, head of Hyundai Motor R&D Center and vice chairman of Hyundai Motor Co. said “The G90 sits at the pinnacle of the Genesis brand and demonstrates how we apply our human-centered values to give our customer true satisfaction in every aspect of the vehicle ownership experience,”  The Genesis design language will also convey an “athletic elegance” stance. The Genesis forms part of Hyundai’s desire to take a small slice of the booming luxury car sales market. The G90 will also be offered in coupe and SUV derivatives. The G90 concept is designed to give a preview of Hyundai’s flagship saloon which will be known as the EQ900 when it is released for sale in South Korea during December. The Genesis brand will be sold initially in South Korea, North America, the Middle East, China and some regions of Asia with plans to export into Europe.  Hyundai-Genesis-G90-ProfileHyundai-Genesis-G90-Profile
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