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Bully became my little bodyguard

Bully became my little bodyguard

Bully became my little bodyguard

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    Bully became my little bodyguard
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    Yan Wen
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    Sky Book
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2021-12-05 08:58:39
Cold sand sculpture female star vs mysterious and handsome bodyguard in a film, Xie Zhiwan was well known by the audience with only one lens. On the same day, she boarded the hot search with the pronoun of "cold beauty"... she also played a proud and cold female agent in another film, which made her famous because beautiful women are too excellent, many men pursue outside the inner circle. Within a few days, there was a scandal there are many right and wrong people the black powder acted according to the circumstances and scolded -- it became popular! Get out of the vase as soon as possible the female agent couldn't bear these ugly words and immediately sent a microblog to clarify her innocence: no man can enter her sister's eyes copy 2: at a friend's party, Xie Zhiwan met a handsome guy with wide shoulders and long legs, especially the handsome guy's hips. Xie Zhiwan was like a peach. For a moment, his brain got hot and blurted out to his friend on the phone: "I met a handsome guy. If only he could touch it." at that time, the handsome guy looked at her like a trafficker and a pervert, Xie Zhiwan can remember the scene of her social death all her life copybook 3: when fans picked up the plane, sharp eyed fans found that Xie Zhiwan and her bodyguard were actually wearing the couple watch she endorsed the fans were completely flustered. They all went to Xie Zhiwan's microblog to leave a message -- wife, I'm afraid of my wife. I think it's just a coincidence. Wife, come out and dissolve. I'm dying of anxiety Xie Zhiwan was there that night; [no man can enter my sister's eyes] clarify the microblog reply and official announcement -- except my little bodyguard / love then the little bodyguard forwards: [it's my princess]

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