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Poor people don t come to fix immortals

Poor people don t come to fix immortals

Poor people don t come to fix immortals

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    Poor people don t come to fix immortals
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    Orange orange
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2021-12-31 09:15:56
Once through the world of cultivating immortals, Le Youxun shrunk into a seven-year-old ball she can cultivate immortals in the next life. Before she could get excited, she measured the five spiritual roots "even the factotum disciples of our sect don't accept such bad spiritual roots." can't we go to become a casual practitioner? She walked down the street dejectedly, and a graceful young man with a Fairy Spirit smiled sincerely at her: "I see you are five spiritual roots, but it fits my eyes..." before he finished, Le Youxun jumped up and hugged his thigh: "master! Apprentice willing!" after successfully paying homage to the teacher, Le Youxun gradually found that this master was not only poor, but also very deceptive he looks like a good master with white clothes and dusty temperament. In fact, the storage bag is cleaner than the used dust cleaning formula I want to run away from home ------------ Lin Lan asked: why does it cost so much to raise disciples? Why am I still so poor after my injury? Where are all my spirit stones before meeting the little apprentice, Lin Lan still managed to keep the appearance of being young and promising and not bad for the spirit stone. After meeting the little apprentice, he found that he couldn't even keep the appearance... everyone: looking at the thick eyebrows and big eyes, he didn't expect to search even a spirit stone Lin Lan: I don't call it tiaoso. Can I call it tiaoso about saving Lingshi? A spirit stone is also a spirit stone. You have no disciples to raise. You won't understand people: when you talk, can you not sneak things into the storage bag?

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