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The emperor was punished for copying online

The emperor was punished for copying online

The emperor was punished for copying online

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    The emperor was punished for copying online
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2021-11-29 06:04:51
Song Ziwan's dream is to build an immortal or enjoy three thousand beauties clipping the elevator door into her smart head did not help her realize her dream of cultivating immortality, but made her an emperor by mistake on the first day she opened her eyes, she opened her mouth and went straight to the harem: sister is coming only after being grabbed did I know that the emperor was a woman disguised as a man never mind. Make persistent efforts the next day: sisters, I'm coming who knows, it was not a hundred flowers competing for beauty that greeted her, but a small sparrow walking at the gate of the palace so she worked hard and determined to enrich the backyard one day, but why did she come and go, or was there only one Han mu not only does she urge her to do her homework every day, but also she is not allowed to choose concubines to go to the theatre and visit the Red Mansions. She should even say two more words to men of the same age Song Ziwan was so angry that he threw a copy of the book he had just copied, "you live by the sea, so wide!" Han Mu picked it up calmly, circled her an error with vermilion, and then pointed to the direction of the harem, "I live there." this is an optimistic society animal crossing into an emperor disguised as a man in the overhead era. In the Regent King Han mu Eunuch leader Zhang Shu and Prime Minister Xue Chao struggle for survival Sweet pet without abuse, 1v1.

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