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The dedicated villain took shuangwen s female master script

The dedicated villain took shuangwen s female master script

The dedicated villain took shuangwen s female master script

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    The dedicated villain took shuangwen s female master script
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    Ruan xie'er
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    Garden Novel
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2021-12-05 07:33:07
Xia Si was drowned when she was pushed into the water on the engagement cruise ship by her ordinary ex boyfriend. One system told her that after her death, her own sister would be tricked by her ex boyfriend, give up her family property and live a miserable life in order to save her sister, Xia Si was systematically sent into a romantic novel in the top entertainment circle, which served as cannon fodder for the villains who were not allowed to love the male Lord and added bricks and tiles to the tragic love of the male and female protagonists hearing the word "villain", Xia Si's DNA moved no problem at all after the system has seen the villains' operations in Xia Si, it is too late to stop them [I asked you to play villain instead of making you a real villain!] [why is the actress you created better than the male host!] [does your top class influence completely exceed the male host!] a few years later, the actress of Xiasi company publicly said, I can achieve so much because of the help of my boss Xia Si a top male artist expressed that his ideal type is the boss of Shengshi entertainment in a low luxury room, men's eyes darken after reading the news on the Internet Xia Si had just returned from a business trip. When she woke up, she found that Gu Jiuxing, who had always been gentle, had tied her hands and feet his eyes were full of madness, "so you are mine." Xia Si: in a moment, Gu Jiuxing was suppressed Xia Si: no one is more crazy than me demining: GB attacks women, men are in love, and do not counterattack men are crazy and women are more crazy than men it's a work of self cutting legs. I don't like to be light ×, Hello, Hello, everyone.

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