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The chief woman made a big promotion plan

The chief woman made a big promotion plan

The chief woman made a big promotion plan

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    The chief woman made a big promotion plan
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    Yunbao sugar
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    Health Books
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2021-12-02 02:11:29
[detective, 1v1, serious love] an Shuyao first came to the capital to examine her works. By chance, she helped king JINGBORAN solve the mystery. With her excellent autopsy skills, the examination of her works was smooth and unimpeded. The female works were shocking, but an Shuyao was exquisite, modest and popular after all, Jing Boran was the first to move his heart. After all, an Shuyao was too wooden. An Shuyao knew that the whirlpool of chaotang was beyond human power. His use and his three carvings with one arrow put an Shuyao in a dilemma as everyone knows what Jing Boran really thinks, an Shuyao doesn't think Jing Boran is interested an Shuyao's ignorance of men's and women's affairs makes Jing Boran unable to speak frankly. Moreover, if she really speaks, an Shuyao must fall into the mire of the court together with the Royal Prince it's a long way to chase your wife. Where can you settle down they keep running in together, guarding and assisting each other for the rest of their lives

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