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Medical judgment

Medical judgment

Medical judgment

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    Medical judgment
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    Mo Fengliu
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    18ws Read
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2022-01-14 01:58:34
[detective suspense + doctor] also known as: [unbearable four young ladies] Miss Ye Si, who has been recuperating in the mountains for ten years, has gone home. Everyone is waiting to see her joke the talented Guo Yun is sure to withdraw from his marriage. After all, Miss Ye Si is stupid and ugly Uncle Ye wants to kick out her father and daughter because he doesn't raise idle people the tigers and wolves of the Ye family are ready to "eat" her and solve the problem of separating their families but why, those who are about to retire propose, those who drive people out become sticky, and evil people eat tigers and wolves "let's go together if you don't agree," said Miss Ye Si.