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His little girl is wild again

His little girl is wild again

His little girl is wild again

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    His little girl is wild again
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    Qin Chan
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    Bestair novel
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2022-01-13 13:22:39
[genius crazy batch obsessed with all kinds of competitions × As a genius who is crazy about all kinds of competitions, Luyou is called the little crazy group of competitions one night, Luyou chatted with fans on the wall and watched others fight. As a result, it was found by other people's bosses and caught on the spot the grumpy boss always mocked her: "dwarf, go home and drink more milk when you're free. Look at your ordinary five short body, I can beat ten with one punch." Luyou: "... - one day, the grumpy boss forced Luyou to the corner of the classroom, surrounded her in his arms and asked her," dwarf, do you want to make a boo with me? " Luyou looked up at him and said, "you're too tall for me to kiss." the grumpy big man smiled and spoiled his tone: "I'll bend over for you?" Luyou shook his head and refused: "no, no need." but the next second, the grumpy big man really bent over, his face close to her cheek and the tip of his nose to the tip of her nose: "it's you. I'm willing to bend down all my life." - "would you like to flirt with me again?"

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