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Sword breaking spirit

Sword breaking spirit

Sword breaking spirit

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    Sword breaking spirit
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    Bag bag
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    People Books
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2022-11-21 23:30:16
At the beginning of heaven and earth, a monster was born in Yunze continent to harm the world and kill all sentient beings. Later, a spirit pearl came from somewhere and turned into a girl to seal the monster at the foot of the misguided mountain I don't know how many years have passed, Yunze mainland has split into four countries, cangming, Yuner, Chonglu and duting. People all over the world have suffered years of war and lost their lives. At this time, the news of the birth of the spirit girl spread among the people. Only those who get the spirit girl can reproduce the grand scene of the unification of Yunze mainland in the past. The four countries have stopped fighting and recuperated. I don't know who can seize the spirit pearl.

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