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The rebirth cannon fodder hung up

The rebirth cannon fodder hung up

The rebirth cannon fodder hung up

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    The rebirth cannon fodder hung up
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    Ethical Novel
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2021-11-28 11:26:46
After Chu Xi died, he knew that his world was nothing more than a book called the rise of the female emperor. whether in troubled times or the untimely life of loyal officials and good generals, they were just to set off the strong force of passing through the female owner. the cannon fodder woman who came back from rebirth and quit with Chu Xi. Why should I be a stepping stone for others? What about cannon fodder and the female owner, It's not certain who will win she had to fight with heaven and people, but she was just fighting. The evil desire of the previous dynasty, who should have died early, and the only man who despised the female owner, looked at her more and more strangely "ah Xi, don't you think such a beautiful day is suitable for flowers before and after the moon?" "it's suitable for farts. I should concentrate on my career!"

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